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Searching for a good pizza in Hong Kong is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are very few authentic(genuine)pizza restaurants in Hong Kong. Most are chain store pizza restaurants that make mediocre(not very good, average)pizzas. As readers may know, I love pizzas but limit how much I eat because they are very high in calories. When I was living in New York a few months ago, finding a good pizza was not like finding a needle in a haystack. New York is famous for its pizzas. There are good New York-style pizza restaurants everywhere.

To find a needle in a haystack means trying to find something that is almost impossible to find. A haystack is a large pile of hay(dried grass). That's why it's impossible to find a needle in a haystack. A typical New York-style pizza is a thin crust pizza with basic ingredients including tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, basil, and one or two toppings such as pepperoni. Most New Yorkers fold the pizza slice and eat it with one hand. After leaving New York I went to my elder sister's house in Indianapolis. I left Indianapolis a week ago for San Diego in California. This is my third time in San Diego. I wrote about the different types of restaurants and places to visit during my previous trips here.

San Diego is well-known for its thin crust wood fired pizzas. A wood fired pizza is a pizza cooked in a brick oven using burning wood to cook it instead of gas or electricity. This method can cook a pizza in about a minute. Another well-known San Diego dish is Carne Asada Fries. The Spanish word“carne”eans meat. Carne Asada Fries is a dish made with chopped steak, melted cheese, avocado cream, and pico de gallo. These ingredients are put on top of French fries that have been seasoned. Pico de gallo is made with chopped tomatoes, onions, lime juice, and coriander. I must try Carne Asada Fries even though it's high in calories!

在香港,要找到好吃的薄餅,如同大海撈針(a needle in a haystack)。香港只得幾間正宗的(authentic)薄餅餐廳,其餘大多屬連鎖薄餅店,做着平庸普通(mediocre)的薄餅。我幾個月前住在紐約時,尋覓一塊好吃的薄餅,並非如大海撈針。紐約的薄餅非常聞名,處處皆有不錯的紐約式薄餅餐廳。

To find a needle in a haystack,意即去尋覓一樣近乎不會找到的事物。A haystack是乾草(hay)堆,因此要在乾草堆中找一根針是不可能的。典型的紐約式薄餅,是在薄皮的薄餅上,鋪上基本的食材,包括番茄醬、水牛芝士、羅勒葉,再加一或兩樣配料,如意大利辣肉腸。離開紐約以後,我去了我姊在印第安納坡里斯的家。一個星期前,我又離開了印第安納坡里斯,前往加州的聖地牙哥。這已經是我第三次踏足聖地牙哥了,之前到訪此地時,便寫過不同類型的餐廳和值得遊覽的地方。

聖地牙哥的薄皮wood fired薄餅,亦是相當出名的。A wood fired pizza,就是把薄餅放進磚窰烤爐內,以木柴火所烤製而成,取替用煤氣焗爐或電焗爐焗製。另一款知名的聖地牙哥菜,叫做Carne Asada Fries。西班牙文“carne”,即指肉類食物;Carne Asada Fries是墨西哥風薯條,用牛肉粒、熱熔芝士、牛油果醬和番茄莎莎醬(pico de gallo)製成,這些材料會倒在已調味的薯條上。Pico de gallo是用番茄粒、洋蔥、青檸汁和芫荽製成。我一定要試這個墨西哥風薯條(Carne Asada Fries),即使它的卡路里相當高!
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