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Coffee is more popular than tea in the US and Europe. Tea is more popular in China, India, and Britain. I prefer tea and must have at least one cup in the morning or I will not feel myself for the whole day. To feel yourself means to feel normal and comfortable. Is coffee or tea healthier? The Washington Post newspaper weighed up the two. To weigh up something means to compare the advantages and disadvantages of something. The paper interviewed medical experts to decide if coffee or tea is better for health.
Coffee contains more caffeine than tea. Caffeine, which makes people more active, is a chemical substance found in tea, coffee, and cocoa. Experts say tea has just enough caffeine to help people perform well. The higher caffeine level in coffee can prevent sleep. Both tea and coffee are good for the heart. Green tea can slightly improve blood pressure and cholesterol. Studies have shown coffee drinkers have a 13 percent lower risk of developing cancer than people who don’t drink coffee. Studies have not found drinking tea lowers cancer risks. Studies have shown people who routinely drink coffee are less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

Some studies found tea can also reduce diabetes risk but other studies found no evidence tea can reduce diabetes risk. Tea can reduce stress but the high levels of caffeine in coffee can make people anxious and unable to sleep. Coffee and tea can both make people live longer than people who don’t drink them. The experts concluded coffee has more health benefits than tea. But I am too hooked on tea to change! If you are hooked on tea it means you cannot stop drinking it.

在美國和歐洲,咖啡比茶更受歡迎。茶則在中國、印度和英國較受歡迎。我較喜歡茶,早上一定要喝上至少一杯,不然我一整天都覺得渾身不自在(not feel myself)。To feel myself即感到正常和舒服。咖啡和茶,哪樣來得更健康?《華盛頓郵報》 weighed up了這兩樣飲品——to weigh up something就是去衡量、比較某事物的優點和缺點。該報章訪問了醫學專家,決定究竟是咖啡抑或茶對健康更有益。


一些研究發現,茶也可以減低患上糖尿病的風險,但又有其他研究表明沒有證據顯示茶可以減低患糖尿的風險。茶可以減壓,但咖啡中高濃度的咖啡因(caffeine),會令人更焦慮,難以入眠。咖啡和茶兩者都能令喝的人比不喝的人更長壽。專家總結,咖啡比茶對健康有更多好處。不過,我對茶太上癮(hooked on tea),很難改變了!若你是 hooked on tea,意即你已無茶不歡,不能戒掉它了。
Michael Chugani褚簡寧
Michael Chugani 褚簡寧